Saturday, September 3, 2011

Settling In

Well, we've begun to "settle in" for a while here at The Villages. Mrs. Moogly has been enjoying various activities around town with her mother and I've been playing lots of billiards with my dad and brother. I've been losing less money lately, so I guess I'm improving (unless they are just being nice to me and letting me win some). I have discovered Scrabble and have been loving it; though this game makes me realize what a small vocabulary I really have. I must start memorizing the dictionary! Cindy has also been enjoying Mah Jong. I'm glad Cindy can play this with her mom and her group of friends because I couldn't figure this game out if my life depended on it. And of course, I'm still enjoying swimming in my brother's pool.

While we are not working, we've been trying to spend more time with each other doing "devotional" reading/studying as well as enoying the outdoors together. We look forward to visiting some wildlife parks (especially bird havens) when the weather cools down a bit. We will also try to spend some time on the many waterways out here as well. All the while we've been seeking to strengthen our relationship with our great God and Savior and each other. We hope (and pray) to have some clear direction for our lives sometime soon, but in the meantime we seek the Spirit to draw us closer to our heavenly Father and to know greater intimacy with Him on a daily basis. Please continue to pray for us and our future.
I hope to get back to writing while we are here. I can't remember where I left off (I guess that's what the "archives" are for), but I'm sure I've got something to say about something! In the meantime, check out the last few posts from one of my favorite blog sites here. Bob has a great understanding of the holistic nature of creation and man's part in it. I've recommended his site before as he talks much about Shalom and the Cosmic Redemption that has come in Christ. His latest posts, as you will see, deal with the false dichotomy between the Sacred and the Secular and, using books by Nicholas Wolterstorff and Calvin Seerveld, help us to see that the beauty of God can even shine through the so-called "unbeliever" in his/her creative (artistic) expression. Here is a great line from Bob:
The vocation of those who are made in God's image is to bring about shalom (which is , I believe, what it means for human beings to exercise "dominion" over the earth). This is the purpose of all callings, of all vocations. It is the purpose of art as well, for art is one of the ways that God brings about a lushness of life that goes beyond vulgar utilitarianism, a sin of modern evangelical Christianity.
I've recommended this before, and I'll do it again. Use the "search" field on Bob's site and lookup his posts on Shalom, Gospel, Creation, etc., and you will be blessed.

Until next time,

GGM (or is it Mr. Ducky?)