Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Torrance explained

Man, it's hot at The Villages! I'm just glad one of my brothers has a pool! Me and Mrs. Moogly are in Florida for vacation and I've finally been able to catch up on some of my reading (on and offline). Until I get back to it, here is a very good post (naturally) by Martin Davis who has been explaining T.F. Torrance's thought on Christ's atonement. In this post, Davis confronts the ignorant and/or lazy view that TFT is a Universalist by showing how he rejects both Universalism and Limited Atonement. Both of these beliefs, according to TFT, are heretical. For those of you who automatically equate Universal Atonement with Universalism...come on! Simple logic, not to mention disciplined biblical study (check your presuppositions at the door, please), refutes the idea that Universal Atonement necessarily leads to Universalism! (And, by the way, TFT is a "Calvinist"--as are many of the Trinitarian Theologians that I have read)

For a very good introduction and explanation of the Trinitarian Theology of T.F. Torrance (among others), I suggest bookmarking this blog and reading through all of Martin's posts (after reading through his present series from the start).

Davis: The Atonement, part 8.

Until our return,